Scams about energy payments and other cost-of living-crises are abundant. If you’ve been caught, would you be willing to talk about what happened?

Click the link if you’d like to share your story and help combat scam shame.

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We’d love to hear your story if you’ve been scammed in a cost of living crisis related scam, or any other type of fraud. Often, people who have been victims of scams feel some sense of shame that it happened to them. This is just another part of the toll that the scammers take. There’s no shame, and you can be sure that there are many, many more victims who are people just like you.

We’re often contacted by media outlets who want to know about scams. Between us, we’d like to help communicate stories about scams that have happened to real people so that the learning can be shared far and wide.

However you’re feeling, sharing your story might help someone else. To get started, start by telling us what happened and together we can work out how best to share your story to warn others - all in the name of combating scam shame. And you can take part in this and still stay anonymous if you want to.