The only way is ethics

As Champions of Data, we believe in helping consumers make the most of their personal data. That’s the ‘good data’ that’s in their control. And we believe in helping consumers protect against ‘bad data’, by which we mean data about them that is out of their control and could be used against them in scams and identity theft.

To support that we have a clear set of data ethics we apply to our own business.

Rightly, Champions of Data, is a consumer data action service, making it quick and easy for you to use your data rights and to control who has your data. Rightly champions good data practices by businesses, and helps consumers control their data so they can use it to deliver better outcomes. We have expertise in GDPR, data protection and the prevention of hacks, scams and spam.

Four principles

We’ve established four principles on which to base our approach to data ethics.

Knowing good from bad

We believe if consumers control their own data it becomes Good Data where they can use it to work hard for them and get value, reduce effort and deliver better outcomes.

Bad Data is data that’s not in a consumer’s control, that bad actors could use against them in scams and identity theft, resulting in financial loss and potentially devastating emotional cost.

Everything we do is about making the most of good data that’s helpful to users, and helping people eliminate bad data so that it’s less accessible to hackers and scammers. Protecting data, helping people make the most of their data whilst keeping it safe is at the heart of everything Rightly does.


We believe that how companies use personal data should be clear and easily understood. We make sure that our own business practices, such as why we’re free and what we do with your data, are easily visible at all times. Our users have the right to access or delete any data we hold on them.


Integrity, “is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking” said author CS Lewis. And that is what we do, every day. We choose to live in accordance with the pillars of honesty, fairness, and decency. This is not marketing spin. This is who we are.

We work with businesses to improve their data practices to benefit consumers. We never compromise the rights of our users for business convenience.


As individuals in Rightly, we encourage people to take accountability for what they contribute to the organisation and what we deliver.

As a company, we’re fully accountable to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s independent authority that upholds the information rights of individuals.

We have an internal Ethics team to ensure that the ethical implications of key decisions are considered, and are always in line with our principles.

What this means for how we handle your data

The only personal data shared with external organisations through Rightly is by users when they send requests to find out what data a company has about them using Rightly Protect, or when they identify themselves to companies through Rightly Save. Site analytics shares certain information with service providers, set out in the Privacy Policy. Wherever possible, we anonymise data.

We’ll never share the personal data sent back to you with third parties for any marketing or advertising purposes without your consent.

Naturally, our data handling processes are compliant with the highest data protection regulations of the UK and EU. The data of our users is never stored outside of these areas.

Data is not held for any longer than it needs to be. Our users can choose how long their data is stored before being deleted, and alter this further if they wish.

If you wish to discuss our ethics, our policies or how your data is used then please contact us