Thanks for agreeing to take part in the pilot for a new service we’re working on at Rightly.

Any information you’ve ever sent to an insurer is your data, and you’ve a right to use it and make it work hard for your benefit. We’re creating a new service that uses your data portability rights to automate the process of getting your data back, so you can use it in other places. This pilot is not the full product we’ll launch, this is to test the data portability element and how well insurers respond to requests to share data.

How it works

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    Sign in

    We’ll ask you to sign in using either a Google or Microsoft mail account. It needs to be an email account that you’ve used with one of your insurers in the past.

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    Pick one

    You’ll be asked to pick one of your insurers from a curated list. Once you’ve added a few details you’ll be able to preview the email that will be sent to the insurer requesting your data be sent to Rightly.

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    How you’d be helping

    All personally identifiable information will be deleted - we’re only looking for which data fields get returned so we can see how many could be used to fill in quote form questions. Your help will go a long way to guide us in shaping the eventual product.

Who is Rightly?

Rightly, Champions of Data, is focused on the ethical and effective use of data to help consumers and organisations make better informed decisions and personally benefit from the value of their data with less effort.

Security of your personal data is the number one priority. Here are some useful things to know about Rightly:

  • Security is verified by Google every year
  • We achieved ISO 27001 certification for best practice in data protection
  • We only use official Google and Microsoft integrations
  • We're registered with the Information Commissioner's Office
  • We’re rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot