clean up your data on browsers

Your personal data exists in the databases of any browser you may have used.

It’s a good idea to get your personal data erased from any browser you no longer use, or from any that you just want to clean up, so that your data can’t be stolen by hackers and compromised, making you vulnerable to scams.

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Almost everyone has logged into a browser at some point. It’s not always clear what happens to the data that generates - whether it gets shared across companies in the same group as the browser company or even to third parties. We know that some browsers use your data to track what you do online and sell that information to advertisers.

Some companies have been victims of data breaches in which sensitive data including names, addresses and credit card information has been lost. Your data sits in databases, it gets moved between computer systems. And worse still, it can be shared or sold to other organisations without your knowledge.

If you have personal data in a browser’s database it’s at risk of being lost or stolen in a data breach. If that happens, it can make you more vulnerable by it being used against you in a scam.

If you don’t want a browser to have your data any more, or they simply no longer need it, then use Rightly Protect to get it deleted. If a company doesn’t have your data, they can’t lose it or have it stolen. With Rightly Protect you can delete your data from any browser, in one go and for free.

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Delete, don't unsubscribe

Unsubscribing doesn’t delete your data.

Even if you’ve hit ‘unsubscribe’ in an email, your personal info can still be exposed in a data theft and could fall into the hands of criminals, because unsubscribing from emails doesn’t delete your data.

Be in control of your data

Rightly Protect is quick and easy

  • find 100s of companies that hold your data in a minute

  • send a deletion request with a click of a button

  • delete your account with us anytime

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    Easily choose which companies should delete your data

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    We make it easy to tell them to delete it using your GDPR rights

Our privacy promise

You can delete your Rightly account at any time.

We know there’s an irony to creating an account with Rightly, just at the moment we’re helping you delete your data from lots of companies. But as Champions of Data, we make it easy for you to delete your Rightly account too.

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Browsers collect a wide range of personal data which can include:

  • Internet history
  • Passwords
  • Tastes and habits
  • Name & geolocation
  • Contact details
  • Cookies & IP address
  • Credit and debit card details
  • Economic, social and cultural information

Of course, the internet is almost as important in our daily lives as running water. We use it for everything, in our personal and work lives. Sometimes, it’s helpful to have your data shared. But not without your consent. What happens to your data and who it's shared with often isn't made clear, and in particular, that it gets sold on and used to better target you with advertising.

Understandably, many people find this extremely invasive.

Why should I delete the data held by browsers?

The personal data that browsers store is private.

In a data breach, or if a company sells your data, it can fall into the wrong hands and be used in a scam against you.

What happens to your data should be up to you.

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      Data Collection

      Collecting all this personal data might help the app or website present gambling opportunities that interest you. But when you’re done with your gambling app or website, the data you leave behind puts you at risk.

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      Data loss

      Some browsers sell personal data to third parties, and many have a long history of data breaches. Don't get stung by a data theft.

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      Protect yourself

      The easiest way to stop browsers using your personal data is to use Rightly Protect to send a deletion request. We'll connect you to as many companies as you need and request erasure of your personal data, in one go. And for free.

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