How To Delete All Your Data From SkyBet

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On this page we’ll explain why it’s a good idea to get your data deleted from Sky Bet and how to go about it. Or if you just want to get started, click the Start Now button which will take you directly to our Rightly Protect service, enabling you to find out who has your data and get it deleted, quickly and for free.

In 2021 it was reported that up to 120,000 people, who had explicitly asked Sky Bet and its sister company Sky Vegas not to send them betting correspondence, were sent multiple promotional emails during Safer Gambling week in a “catastrophic mistake."

Sky Bet collects a large quantity of personal data on all its customers. That makes it an obvious target for hackers. If hackers access Sky Bet, they could potentially gather your personal data, putting you at higher risk of being scammed and other criminal activity.

What we’ll cover

1. Can I delete my data from Sky Bet?

2. How do I delete data from Sky Bet?

3. How long until Sky Bet responds?

4. Does Sky Bet actually delete your data?

5. What type of data does Sky Bet store on me?

6. What does Sky Bet do with my data?

7. Why delete my data from Sky Bet?

Can I delete my data from Sky Bet?

Yes you can! You have the right to ask any company to delete all the data they hold on you and they have to comply within 30 days. This right flows from GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation and if companies don’t comply without a valid reason, they can be in trouble.

How do I delete data from Sky Bet?

The easiest way to get your data deleted from companies like Sky Bet is to use our Rightly Protect service. In addition to picking Sky Bet and asking them to erase your data, you can use our service to analyse your email inbox to figure out all the companies that have your data. Then you can ask all of them to delete the data they hold on you in one click. Because many companies have your data, even companies you’ve never heard of, and it often runs into hundreds or even thousands of organisations putting your data at risk.

How long until Sky Bet responds?

Sky Bet should reply within one calendar month. If they have genuine reasons that they need extra time to consider your request, they can take up to an extra two months - but they should let you know within one month that they need more time and the reasons why. If you’re unhappy with how they respond, you can make a complaint to Sky Bet and then if you’re still unhappy, you can complain to the ICO (Information Commissioner’s office).

Does Sky Bet actually delete your data?

Yes, it’s a legal requirement. After one calendar month has passed since your account deletion request, your account and all of your information will be permanently erased by Sky Bet, and you will not be able to retrieve it.

What type of data does Sky Bet store on me?

Sky Bet can collect a wide range of data from registered users:

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Postal address
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Security questions
  • Marketing preferences and any other details as might be requested from you for the purpose of registration
  • Precise geolocation
  • Your passport or driver’s licence
  • Documentation establishing your address such as utility bills
  • A record of your conversations with our staff, as well as notes relating to these interactions and their outcomes via live chat, phone, email or social media platforms
  • Debit card details, cardholder name
  • E-wallet details
  • Payslips or other documents proving your source of wealth including but not limited to proof of earnings, bank statements and evidence of business ownership
  • Data you provide in relation to concerns you may have about gambling risk, harm or safety, or as part of a vulnerability assessment
  • Forum Posts and In-Game Comments
  • Special category data is personal data that needs more protection because it is sensitive. It includes biometric data that may be used for identification purposes, genetic data, data concerning an individual’s health, sex life or sexual orientation, or personal data that reveals racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs.
  • Your betting, gaming, deposits, payments, and other account transactions
  • Safer Gambling controls that you decide to apply through your use of our Services, such as deposit limits, cool off periods, or self exclusions, or controls that Sky Bet pro-actively decide to apply in order to prevent harm, such as spend limits or enforced exclusions
  • Dates and times of access, the app features or pages you view, app crashes and other system activity, and the third-party site or service you were using immediately before visiting Sky Bet
  • Cookies that track information such as your language preferences, pages visited and content viewed, links and buttons clicked, and URLs visited before and after you use Sky Bet’s Services
  • Credit reference agency data
  • Information scraped from Facebook or other social media pages, property ownership details, the electoral roll, company annual returns for places you have worked, industry bodies of which you may be a member, and insolvency registers
  • Gender
  • ‘Account notes’
  • Records of bets, wins and losses
  • Web Pages visited outside Sky Bet
  • Records of correspondence, whether via the Website, email, telephone or other means
  • Responses to surveys or customer research the company carries out
  • Details of the transactions whether via the website, telephone or other means
  • Details of your visits to the Website including traffic data
  • Preference choices, and other account settings
  • Recordings of phone calls
  • Metadata on how people use the Sky Bet mobile app and website
  • Device model, OS and MAC address, browser type
  • Your Facebook or other third party ‘sign-in’ app data

What does Sky Bet do with my data?

Sky Bet’s main motive for building a data set around each user is to provide its services. Some of the data is used to set up your account. Some information is provided by users optionally. Other data is collected automatically. Much of it is used to build a profile of you.

Data is shared across the Flutter Group: Flutter Group brands that operate in the UK whereby if you self exclude from Paddy Power, Betfair or PokerStars, that data will be shared with Sky Bet so that the exclusion can be applied there as well.

They also collect text and voice message data that is stored on Sky Bet’s servers.

Sky Bet compiles the same kinds of data from a variety of users and uses it to optimise when and where it shows you certain ads on its own and other platforms. The additional data that Sky Bet collects helps the company to perform strategic market research, communicate directly with users, and counter suspected misuse.

Sky Bet says it uses your data to, (quoted):

  • “To enter into or perform a contract with you (‘Performance of a contract’), such as delivering our Services in accordance with the terms and conditions;
  • To meet our legal or regulatory obligations (‘Legal and regulatory obligations’), such as our taxation, company or data protection law or our licencing obligations;
  • To meet our own legitimate interests or those of a third party (‘Legitimate interests’), such as where we use data to protect our business assets or information, to improve our Services or to keep you safe while you use our Services;
  • Where you have provided us with consent to do so (‘Consent’), such as where you have provided us with consent to provide you with marketing information;
  • To perform tasks in the interests of the general public (‘Public interests’), such as safeguarding the public from gambling related harms; or
  • To protect your or someone else’s vital interests (‘Vital interests’)”

Why delete my data from Sky Bet?

Sky Bet is an obvious target for hackers, because the amount of personal data they hold is huge. There can be little doubt that hackers will continue attempts to compromise your personal data.

If you’re not using Sky Bet any more, or think a fresh profile would be a good thing, you can instruct Sky Bet to delete all the data they have about you and so prevent it from being stolen as a result of a data breach.