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Get evidence to appeal a school's admission decision today for free

  1. Search for your school
  2. Enter your details and send your request
  3. Use your evidence to strengthen your appeal

Why should I get evidence to appeal a school admission decision?

You should get evidence for your appeal to increase the likelihood of the admission decision being overturned.

If you think your child has wrongfully been denied a school place, for example because:

  • the wrong details have been used
  • exceptional circumstances haven't been sufficiently into account (such as illness)

You can consider gather evidence via a subject access request and appeal their decision.

What's that?

A Subject Access Request, or ‘SAR’ is a written request that you send to a company asking to see your personal data.

What will I find out from a subject access request (SAR)?

You can receive:

  • information including records of your child’s academic achievements
  • correspondence from teachers and local education authority employees
  • other evidence to support your appeal

N.B. Any information that could cause harm to a pupil won’t be included.

How do I send a subject access request (SAR)?

The easiest way to find out what the school used to make their admissions decision is by sending a request through Rightly. As we mentioned, just search for your school in the search bar, choose your request, and send it in under two minutes

If the school isn't on the system, get in touch and we'll add it for you.

How long until they respond to my request?

After the school has received your request, they have to reply in full within 30 days, or give a valid reason for asking for an extension. If this happens, our support team is here to help!

What if they don't respond to my request?

They have to respond to your request by law. This is because it counts as your personal data, and you can ask any organisation if they have your personal data. They have to tell you what they have, as well as how and why they are using it. This is thanks to your ‘right of access’ under GDPR law. GDPR applies in the UK and EU.

How do I use my evidence in an appeal?

You should have received a letter informing you of the admissions decision. On it should also be steps to appeal, follow these and include your evidence in correspondence.

Remember, most schools give you 20 days to appeal a decision. If the answer to your subject access request doesn't come before that, don't worry, get in touch with our support team.

Remember, a subject access request alone doesn’t count as an appeal, and time is of the essence. You need to make a formal appeal through your schools' normal channels as soon as you can, and send a subject access request in tandem.

Why Rightly?

We’re free because our mission is to make data fairer, for everyone.

We don't use consumer data for commercial purposes, which means we'll never, ever sell your data. It also means that there are no adverts or hidden costs.

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