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Control how much marketing you receive now

Pick from over 10,000 companies and tell them how to communicate with you.

It's quick, simple and free.

Why should I control how much marketing I recieve?

Well, this is of course up to you, but if you're anything like us, because getting lots of marketing emails can be frustrating! Who has your personal data and contacts you should be up to you.

Why do so many companies have my contact details?

When you donate to charity, buy something online, or give an organisation your details, you're handing over your personal data.

Depending on what permissions you give, those companies may be able to store your data and contact you by:

  • Email
  • Text
  • Call
  • Post

Some companies use your personal data in ways that are beneficial to you, but you don’t want to hear from them all the time. We get that.

What's that?

Personal data is any information that can directly or indirectly identify you as you. Think address, beliefs, and financial records.

How do I tell companies that I want to opt out of marketing?

Easy. Simply:

  • Search for the company in the search bar above
  • Enter your details so that they can confirm your identity
  • Check your email to send your request

Once they've received your request, they'll have to confirm that they won't contact you anymore.

What if they ignore my request?

Ah, this is where the legal stuff comes in. Under Article 21 of the GDPR, you have the ‘right to object’ to organisations processing your data for marketing purposes.

In other words, they can't ignore your request. They have to reply within 30 days by law, or ask for an extension with a valid reason. If this happens, our support team is here to help.

What if I’ve given my permission in the past?

If you agreed to an organisation using your data but you’ve changed your mind, don’t worry! You can still ask them to stop contacting you for marketing purposes.

Why Rightly?

Our mission is to make data fairer, for everyone. You can read more about who we are here.

We don't use consumer data for commercial purposes, which means we'll never, ever sell your data. It also means that there are no adverts or hidden costs.

Keeping your data safe