How we protect your ID

Before companies send your personal data to you, they’re likely to ask for further information to make sure that they’re speaking to the right person.

Often this means asking for ID, like a scan of your driver’s licence or passport. While we’re glad that companies are acting responsibly, we also know that sharing your personal information can be a cause for concern. So, we’ve written more information about why we ask for your ID, how you can upload it, and how we keep it secure below.

Our community and the trust that you put in us is important. If anything is unclear, or if we can help at all, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to help!

Why we ask for ID

We ask for your ID because companies often need it to verify the request has genuinely come from you. Unsurprisingly, providing companies with ID dramatically improves the chances of a successful outcome to your request.

How you upload your ID

If a company asks for your ID after you’ve sent them a request you can send it to them easily. When viewing the message requesting ID from the company just select the Respond to Company button. Here, you’ll see an option to add an attachment. Select the ID type and upload the image from your computer or phone's camera.

How we keep your ID secure

Encryption at rest

When user data, including an ID is stored on our service it’s always stored in encrypted form - in fact it’s encrypted more than once. First we encrypt every file with a different (and unique) cryptographic key, then we store it on an encrypted volume, which double encrypts it. This means no two files share the same encryption key and makes it impossible for hackers to gain access to the data by brute force.

Encryption in transit

Whenever companies or users upload data, including an ID, to our service we use strong SSL encryption to make sure your data can’t be read by anyone snooping on the internet traffic.

Access Control

Rightly staff do not have any access to users IDs.

Your voice matters

We believe that you should be able to decide what happens to your personal data, including your ID. If you have any questions, ideas or concerns, shout. We’re keen to hear from our community - you’re the reason we do it, after all!