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The top 20 lockdown sites and what they do with your data

We read their privacy policies so you don't have to

By eleanor blackwood

Fri 19 Jun 2020

12 min read

People next to logos of companies with private data online - Netflix, Pornhub, Facebook

Curious about what companies do with your data, but don't have the time to trawl through privacy policies? We get it, so we did it for you.

The amount we do online has increased dramatically during Covid-19

Particularly during such a troubling time, we want to be able to do everything with speed and ease: from catching up on global headlines to ordering food to our doorstep.

While websites and apps are designed to increase convenience, it’s very often in return for personal data.

Ultimately, whether your personal data is shared should be up to you. Privacy policies should also be easy to understand, so that we know exactly what we're agreeing to.

Thanks to GDPR, websites and apps have to publish their privacy policies. But, many don’t make them concise or easy to understand. Even the most privacy conscious of us aren’t sure exactly what’s going to happen to our data when we press ‘Agree’ on a website.

Here are what some of the most popular lockdown sites say in their privacy policies:


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