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Right to Rectify: How you can change your address with multiple companies for free

Find out how to update key companies on outdated details


None of us are strangers to the pure elation experienced when readily expecting an online purchase, only to learn that it’s been delivered to the wrong shipping address. Or when waiting on a debit card for longer than Natwest’s five-to-seven business days and realising it’s been posted to an old flat share.

Following your 2018 GDPR right to rectification, you’ve been able to update your personal details or amend outdated information with any company, for free. You can revise any type of personal data including – but not restricted to – your:

- Address

- Name

- Gender


By notifying companies of new details, you can be sure to avoid:

- Accidentally ordering items to an old address

- Missing important post

- Being vulnerable to identity theft

Who to alert of a new address?

Beyond good old Ma and Pa, there are several other important people who should know as soon as you change address:

- Your employer


- Your council

- Your gym or local societies

- Newspaper & Magazine subscriptions

- Any relevant insurance companies


- Healthcare providers like your Dentist or Optician

- Banks, Loan companies or Pension plan providers

To avoid future mishaps, it’s also wise to set up a redirect with Royal Mail and update your address on your driver's license.

How it works: do I have to update each company individually?

Usually, the process of amending your details with multiple companies can be slow and tiresome. At Rightly, we’ve made it fast and simple so you can update your details with key companies in one quick go:

  1. Select all the companies you'd like to notify
  2. Enter your new address and other identifiable information
  3. Submit your request

If you’re not sure which address they have, fear not! Once you’ve sent your access request, they’ll have 30 days to inform you on which details they currently have on record. You can then notify or amend this information, if need be.