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Rightly can help insurance providers and price comparison websites optimise conversion rates, bringing greater cross-selling opportunities and retention of existing customers. We want to work with partners to help consumers make their data work hard for them and get value.

Partner with us and make a difference for consumers whilst improving the numbers for you. Our ability to analyse a person’s inbox and make the most of their right to data portability are our tools to help providers optimise conversion rates. We want to collaborate with organisations that truly want to support customers in finding the deals that suit them and get them the best value.

We’re working with a wide range of partners across different industries. Initially we’re creating relationships with partners in insurance and the price comparison industry.

Why partner with Rightly?

We want to improve consumers' experience by greatly simplifying the process of renewals and finding alternative quotes. For companies that partner with Rightly, improving conversion rate optimisation improves revenue, but also disproportionately improves profitability.1

Our technology can eliminate up to 95% of effort required to fill in forms. We know that many consumers give up on form filling when it gets too difficult or they don't know an answer.

Cross-selling opportunities open up by discovering all policies and permissions to engage, whilst increasing consumer confidence by comparing current and quoted cover.

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