Insurance renewals reinvented

A new and innovative service to automatically find your policies, so you never again miss a renewal date and the chance to save.

Quick, simple and free.

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  • Organise your policies

    Automatically find your policies, what they’re for, who they’re from and renewal dates

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  • Stay on top of renewals

    Don’t fall uninsured, don’t get rolled over by auto renewals

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  • Never miss a saving

    We’ll remind you every time a policy is coming up for renewal so you have time to get a better deal

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Why we’re unique

There are lots of reasons, beating finance apps or just doing it yourself. Rightly Save helps you organise your renewals more effectively than finance apps so you can go after better deals in good time. It’s better than trying to do it all yourself too.

Rightly SaveBudgeting appsDoing it yourself

Totally free

Set up in less than 3 minutes

Automatic policy detection

Accurate renewal dates

On time renewal reminders

Reminders from one place

No bank account connection required

What our community says

  • Having everything in one place is brilliant

    Brilliant, for those who struggle to keep track of finances. Not missing any payments and having everything in one place is brilliant. Invaluable.

    Lidsey K
  • Takes a lot of the hassle out of it

    I think I've never bothered to renew my policy every year because I didn't like the hassle, and it feels like this really takes a lot of the hassle out of it.

    Gabriela S
  • Ideal solution

    I think overall, it sounds like an ideal solution in a complicated insurance market.

    Rhys M


We’re not a comparison site. We’re focused on the ethical and effective use of data to help you make better informed decisions and personally benefit from the value of your data with less effort.

Save Good data

We promote the control of ‘good data’, your personal data that’s held by organisations legitimately, that can be controlled and used by you.

Save Bad data

We campaign about the risks of ‘bad data’, by which we mean personal data that is out of your control and may fall into the hands of scammers.

Some common questions