Who's got your data?

In 2021, companies lost data affecting five billion accounts.* This helps scammers steal £4,376 from our pockets every minute.**

Don’t be a victim. Protect yourself, right now and for free, by using the Rightly Protect service to quickly find and erase your data from companies that don't need it.

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Rightly Protect is 100% free

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See how Rightly Protect works

The best way to keep your data safe is to get it deleted from any organisation that no longer needs it. See how it works.

Delete, don't unsubscribe

Unsubscribing doesn’t delete your data.

Even if you’ve hit ‘unsubscribe’ in an email, your personal info can still be exposed in a data theft and could fall into the hands of criminals, because unsubscribing from emails doesn’t delete your data.

Be in control of your data

Rightly Protect is quick and easy

  • find 100s of companies that hold your data in a minute

  • send a deletion request with a click of a button

  • delete your account with us anytime

How it works

  • Protect HIW 1


    We help you find companies that shouldn't have your data

  • Protect HIW 2

    2. SELECT

    Easily choose which companies should delete your data

  • Protect HIW 3

    3. DELETE

    We make it easy to tell them to delete it using your GDPR rights

Our privacy promise

You can delete your Rightly account at any time.

We know there’s an irony to creating an account with Rightly, just at the moment we’re helping you delete your data from lots of companies. But as Champions of Data, we make it easy for you to delete your Rightly account too.

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  • ISO27001 certified
  • Registered with the ICO

Who will lose your data next?

Don’t be a victim of the next data leak. Rightly helps you take your data away from companies that don’t need it.

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      500,000 users hacked.
      Compromised data: Account credentials and live meeting logins resulting in forced entry.

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      9 million customers breached.
      Compromised data: Contact details, travel details and credit and debit card information.

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      Marriott Hotels

      5.2 million guests affected.
      Compromised data: Birth dates, emails and preferences.

    In the news

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      Rightly launches Rightly Protect to secure customer data

      Rightly Protect aims to reduce the increasing numbers of UK consumers being targeted and falling victim to hacks, scams, unwanted marketing, and spam 1

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      We’ve all lost control of our personal data. Time to get it back

      Rightly, Champions of Data, a consumer data action service today announces the launch of Rightly Protect...2

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      9 in 10 Brits have no idea who has their data

      Rightly launches ‘Rightly Protect’ to enable consumers to take control of their digital footprint and data.3

    Your questions answered

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