Are you a victim of loyalty?

Every year millions of pounds get wasted in automated renewals that don’t get challenged, causing people to pay a loyalty penalty and miss out, when money-saving options are right there. Rightly Save will help you never miss a renewal so you can be organised and search for a better deal.

It’s automatic, quick, simple and free.

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When you connect your inbox, Rightly Save analyses the past thirteen months to find insurance policies, bring them all together and create reminders of renewals, so you have a chance to find a better deal.

How it works

  • Save HIW Find automatically


    Find companies that have renewals coming up for you soon

  • Save HIW A place for everything


    See your list of policies organised all in one place

  • Save HIW Timely reminders


    Put yourself in control of your data and get reminders when you need them

why rightly

Why use Rightly?

Lots of reasons, beating finance apps or just doing it yourself.

Rightly Save helps you organise your renewals more effectively than finance apps so you can go after better deals in good time. It’s better than trying to do it all yourself too.

Avoid the loyalty trap

Rightly Save could save you money

Did you know, according to Citizens Advice, you could be paying up to £877 extra per year by allowing auto-renewals on home and car insurance, broadband and other utilities.

Loyal customers are overpaying by £4bn across five essential markets. Low income and vulnerable customers are often on the worst deals. So, do something about it.

Making the most of your data

Connecting your email inbox

  • Your data belongs to you so it should work hard for your benefit

  • We analyse your inbox to find the data to build your list

  • We don’t actually read anything

Our privacy promise

You can delete your Rightly account at any time.

At Rightly, our heart and soul is about protecting your data, so your data works harder for you and no one else. We take great care to make sure your data is safe and never compromised. And we don’t keep anything once we’ve processed it.

  • Once we’ve extracted info for you, we don’t keep any emails
  • We encrypt your emails and results
  • Your results are stored on encrypted storage with strict access controls
  • We’re ISO27001 certified
  • We’re verified by Google

Some common questions