Following the submission of your data portability request, it is the responsibility of the Insurer, under GDPR, to transmit the data to Rightly and they need to take appropriate measures to ensure that it is done so securely and to the right destination.

In the data portability request email template Rightly provides it asks your Insurer to exclude any special category data - Special category data is personal data that needs more protection because it is sensitive. Rightly is not able to guarantee that the Insurer will follow this request.

As part of the request being sent to the insurer, a member of the Rightly support team will be copied into the request email, to be able to assist with the process and any future communication.

On receipt of your data, a member of Rightly's Support Staff will download any files provided by the Insurer and delete all personally identifiable information relating to you.

Rightly will retain the names of the data fields the Insurer included so that anonymised and aggregated analysis can be provided back to the organisation participating in this pilot about what data fields were sent back and therefore how many comparison site quote form questions could be auto-populated in theory.

These terms and conditions are specifically in relation to our Data Portability Pilot and are in addition to our standard terms and conditions that can be found here