What should I do if I'm a vulnerable consumer?

At Rightly, we want to make sure that we support everyone, including vulnerable consumers.

If you’d like to send a request through Rightly but are vulnerable, please speak to our support team. We deal with vulnerable consumers on a case by case basis.

We would also strongly recommend registering with the Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS). The VRS is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a central, independent register of vulnerable people.

As an initiative, it aims to protect vulnerable consumers against financial, social and personal hardship.

Ultimately, the VRS is a database for vulnerable consumers, which can help protect you from hardship in many ways. For example, it enables you to exclude yourself from future credit applications by having a flag auto decline: this can prevent your credit score and finances being negatively impacted. A referral flag is also available, which means that any application that’s received should be referred by the potential creditor or lender.

If you’d like to register with the Vulnerability Registration Service, you can do so on their website, here.