Our latest innovation, Rightly Save, is a new service to automatically find your insurance policies, helping you turn off auto-renewals to stop getting rolled over each year.

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We think of Good Data as your own data which you’re able to use to work hard for you, not just for the companies that have acquired it. After all it’s your data and you should be able to use it to get a better outcome and better value.

Rightly Save is designed to enhance ‘Good Data’ by accessing your data that already exists in the hands of insurance companies so that it can work hard for you and help you always find the best deal.

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Why Do Data Rightly?

We all share lots of data with lots of organisations. It’s good to remember that your data is your data and that it should be you that benefits from the value it contains, no one else. As Champions of Data, at Rightly we want to help you do just that, helping you get value from the power of your own data, whilst helping you keep it safe from scammers and people seeking to misuse it. Your data belongs to you.

With Rightly, there are no hidden costs, subscriptions or ads. We do things Rightly.

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