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Delete your data from your local council for free today

Find any British council and send them a deletion request. It takes less than two minutes.

For example 'Lambeth council'

Why should I delete my data from my local council?

Delete your data from your local council to stop them sharing or selling your data to third parties.

Personal data that local councils typically store:

  • Contact details
  • Marital status
  • Number of children
  • Electoral register
  • Data that affects your credit rating

It’s easy to think of personal data as abstract, but sharing it can have real life consequences.

Insurance decisions, for example, are often determined using bought personal data.

While not all councils sell your information, many do. To find out which councils sell your personal data, see our investigation here.

What's that?

Personal data is any information that can directly or indirectly identify you as you. Think address, beliefs, and financial records.

How do I send a deletion request?

No problem, simply:

  1. Search for your local council
  2. Fill in your basic details so that they can identify you
  3. Check your email to send your deletion request

They have to reply within 30 days.

How long until a council responds to my request?

After the council has received your request, they have to reply in full within 30 days, or give a valid reason for asking for an extension. If this happens, our support team is here to help!

What if they don't reply?

Don't worry, they have to reply by law. You can ask any organisation to delete your personal data, thanks to your ‘right to erasure’ under GDPR law. GDPR applies in the UK and EU.

Whether you want to delete your data from a retailer, social media, or even your local council, you can. It’s yours after all.

What if I’ve said they can use my data in the past?

If you agreed to an organisation using your data but you’ve changed your mind, don’t worry! You can still ask them to delete your data.

What if I’m not sure if they have my data?

You can still ask them. If they don’t have it, they have to let you know.

Why Rightly?

We’re free because our mission is to make data fairer, for everyone.

We don't use consumer data for commercial purposes, which means we'll never, ever sell your data. It also means that there are no adverts or hidden costs.

Keeping your data safe