They've got your data. Get it back.

Hundreds of companies have your data. Some will sell it. Lots of them will lose it or get hacked this year. Protect yourself and take it away from companies that don't need it. Your data's yours after all.

Our Rightly Protect service works with Gmail and Outlook. Others will follow.

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Lots of companies have your data that don’t need it. One company can sell it to another, that sells it to another. They’re making money out of it and exposing you to risk. Erasing your data from their systems means it can’t be stolen or hacked and then used against you.

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      The majority of people reuse passwords over multiple sites and companies. Around 80% of hacks are the result of compromised passwords, so if a company you don’t even know about has its data stolen, it could give hackers access to your life on another site4.

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      Each time online fraud happens, an average £3,684 is the cost to victims. So don’t be one. Get your data out of so many companies that don’t actually need it.

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      Aren’t you sick of it? Get less spam emails, texts and calls by cleaning up the information about you online.

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    Why Do Data Rightly?

    Your data’s out there, on countless servers and computers. Sometimes it’s in accounts you may have forgotten all about. But when a company suffers a breach, hackers can take your data and sell it on the dark web. Scammers can use bits of your data from different sources to build up a profile and that makes you more susceptible to scams. Or they could carry out complete identity theft.

    Cleaning up your digital footprint helps protect your identity from the bad guys, because if your data isn’t in a company’s systems it can’t be lost or stolen. So it’s good to minimise who’s got access to it. By using Rightly to clean things up, quickly and for free, you can help yourself protect your identity, your family and your finances.

    There are no hidden costs, subscriptions or ads. We do things Rightly.


    we believe in good data used rightly

    We all live, work and play in a world of data. It makes things possible today that we could only dream of a few years ago. But some aspects of this new world are not so good - we’ve all heard about data misuse and theft.

    Rightly actively champions on behalf of the consumer, enabling you to take control of your personal data by providing a free and simple online service to uncover your digital footprint. It enables you to make decisions about how your data is being used, to have it deleted if you want it to be, and ultimately to benefit from its value. This reduces the risk of data harm and exposure to scams, spam, fraud, data breaches and phishing.

    As well as educating consumers about their rights, Rightly helps them address vulnerabilities and supports people through the process of discovery. Rightly are experts in GDPR, data protection and the prevention of hacks, spam, and scams. Think of it as a conduit between consumers and businesses, allowing users to send data requests to multiple companies at once and enabling businesses to respond securely.

    Rightly’s purpose is to help individuals and organisations make good use of data. We help them understand their data rights and obligations and equip them with the tools to manage, share and use data rightly.


    The world needs data champions who’ll call out bad behaviour from organisations who should know better.

    Data champions who’ll help people understand their data rights and how to use them.
    We’re funded by private investors who share our beliefs that data needs to be done Rightly.
    In the future we will introduce some additional features that can be paid for, but we promise that everything you see here now will always be free and that we will never misuse your data.

    • No downloads
    • No trial
    • No subscriptions
    • No ads


    • Cut down risk

      It’s super easy. It gets rid of all the personal info that you’ve given away over the years. It feels good to get control of your data so if there’s a data leak, the bad guys aren’t getting yours. And it would cut down the amount of spam.

    • Less junk

      You know how you have all these emails from all these random companies that you’re not particularly interested in. There’s a service that’s free that will tell companies to delete all your personal data, all in one ago, automatically. Brilliant!

    • It's easy

      It’s a nice and easy site to use that will help get rid of any personal data you don’t want on websites or that you don’t want companies to use. It only took a few clicks and couple of minutes and it reduces the absolute junk that you get in your email box every day.

    We’re trying out our big idea

    Building something new means that we’re constantly testing and improving our service before a full launch.

    Your feedback is essential to us, to get involved join our community today.

    Looking to partner with Rightly?

    Insurance companies and comparison site providers can benefit from optimised customer journeys and better results by working with us.

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