Make more of your data

Rightly, Champions of Data, helps you manage, share and use your data simply and securely, so that you can use it to get better value and make better decisions.

Our latest innovation is Rightly Save, a new service to make the most of your data to automatically find your insurance policies, so you never again miss a renewal date and the chance to save.

Quick, simple and free.

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Rightly is all about helping you control your data so that it’s kept safe and you get to use it in ways that help you every day. As well as keeping it away from hackers and spammers, you can use your data to help stay on the best deals for insurance.

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Good data. Bad data.

Everything we do is about making the most of good data that is helpful to people, and helping them eliminate bad data so that it’s less accessible to hackers and scammers.

Protecting data, helping people make the most of their data whilst keeping it safe is at the heart of everything Rightly does. We’re Champions of Data, helping you manage, share and use your data simply and securely.

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      Get value

      We think of Good Data as consumers’ own data which they are able to use to work hard for them and get value. That’s what Rightly Save is designed to enhance.

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      Stay safe

      We think of Bad Data as data that is out of the control of the consumer, that bad actors could use against them in scams and identity theft. That’s what Rightly Protect addresses.

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      Trust tech

      With Rightly Save, we use our technology to analyse your inbox to find insurance policy renewal dates. It’s the same underlying tech that we use with Rightly Protect to find out who’s got your data.

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    Why Do Data Rightly?

    We all share lots of data with lots of organisations. It’s good to remember that your data is your data and that it should be you that benefits from the value it contains, no one else. As Champions of Data, at Rightly we want to help you do just that, helping you get value from the power of your own data, whilst helping you keep it safe from scammers and people seeking to misuse it. Your data belongs to you.

    With Rightly Save we help you use your data that’s out there, by pulling together all your insurance policy reminders into one place so that you have time to find a better deal.

    Rightly Protect can help you clean up your digital footprint and protect your identity from the bad guys, because if your data isn’t in a company’s systems it can’t be lost or stolen.

    With Rightly, there are no hidden costs, subscriptions or ads. We do things Rightly.

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    Looking to partner with Rightly?

    Insurance companies and comparison site providers can benefit from optimised customer journeys and better results by working with us.

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