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Delete your data from food delivery apps for free

Pick from our list of popular takeaway apps and stop them sharing your information with third parties, today.

Why should I delete my data from food delivering apps like Deliveroo and Uber Eats?

Food delivery apps might be great to fulfil your midnight fast food cravings but unfortunately, won't fulfil your privacy needs. Many food delivery apps gather your personal data - from the times you like to eat to your food preferences - and share these details with advertisers who use them to target you more strategically.

Personal information collected and shared by online food apps includes your allergies, buying habits and browsing activity.

Personal data commonly stored by food delivery apps:

  • Name, contact details, address and age
  • Payment details
  • Health information e.g. food preference and allergies
  • Recordings of your calls with customer service
  • Reviews you publish
  • Device and browser type, IP address
  • Use of mobile vouchers
  • Buying habits and purchase history
  • App usage (entry and exit date and time)
  • Login name and password
  • Features/pages on the app you view
  • Location data
  • Survey data e.g. household makeup
  • Interests and preferences

What happens to your data should be up to you. The quickest way to delete your information is to send a deletion request.

Delete data from food apps

What's that?

A deletion request is a written request that you send to a company asking for them to remove your personal information from their records. It's your right to decide what happens to your data under GDPR law.

How do I remove my personal data from restaurant delivery apps like Just Eat and Hello Fresh?

The quickest way to delete any sensitive information is by sending a deletion request through Rightly.


  • Get started above to select the food delivery apps you use or have used in the past
  • Enter your basic details for identification purposes
  • Send your request

Remember, a deletion request demands that they delete all of your data, including your account details.

If you can't find the app you're looking for, please contact our customer support team and we’ll add it for you.

Remove data

How long until they respond to my request?

Once the delivery app has received your request, they'll have 30 days to respond, or give a valid reason as to why they need an extension. If this happens, our support team can help speed up the process!

What if I’m not sure if they have my data?

You can still ask them. If they don’t have it, they have to let you know.

What if I’ve said they can use it in the past?

If you agreed to an organisation using your data but you’ve changed your mind, don’t worry! You can still ask them to delete your data.

What if they don't reply?

Don't worry, they have to follow your wishes thanks to your ‘right to erasure’ under GDPR law. GDPR applies in the UK and EU.

Whether you want to delete your data from a retailer, social media, or even your local council, you can. It’s yours after all.

Why Rightly?

We’re free because our mission is to make data fairer, for everyone.

We don't use consumer data for commercial purposes, which means we'll never, ever sell your data. It also means that there are no adverts or hidden costs.

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