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Been in a data breach? Get compensated

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Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

Many people, as many as 82%, reuse passwords on multiple sites. This creates a lot of vulnerabilities because if someone gets hold of one password, they could get access to all sorts of things from social media platforms to bank accounts. Take time to work out who has your password, minimise the risk and keep yourself protected.

Unsubscribing is not enough

We get emails from all kinds of companies and organisations all the time and usually at the bottom you will find an ‘unsubscribe’ button or link. Many of us click on that and think we have disconnected ourselves from the company that sent it. But in fact our data is still on the company system and that makes us vulnerable. Getting data erased protects us far more.

Keep your data safe from the dark web

Did you know that it is more than likely your data, your personal information, is being sold to companies without your agreement or knowledge? In some cases, data is being sold on the dark web leading to phishing, scams, and financial loss. Now is the time to spring clean your digital footprint and take measures to stop this from happening.

Uncertain Times

With Russia’s war on Ukraine creating the most uncertain of times since the Second World War, we look at how scammers are using this backdrop to create heinous scams. They are looking to steal your money in a range of ways, and we must all beware and take steps to protect ourselves.

Going places? Pack your data securely!

With summer just around the corner and thoughts turning to the joy of that summer break, think about how much personal information you are sharing for you and your family, who’s going to have access to it and how you can protect yourself from your data falling into the wrong hands.

Alexa! Who’s listening?

With sales of Smart Speakers booming, what happens when Big Tech gets sloppy and allows strangers to get hold of our voice files? What are the risks, and what can you do to protect yourself?

Caring for your data