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Illegal streaming may be more dangerous than you think

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Can privacy search engines help?

It’s hard to imagine life without the search engine. Most of us use a search engine of some kind multiple times every day, whether to find out some news, trying to find an item we want to buy, information about a destination or to find out the latest exploits of our favourite actor. But search results can come at a cost to our privacy. So what alternatives are there?

Make sure retirement's what you planned

Scammers set out to capture the pension savings people build up over years by promising high returns and low risk. In reality, pension savers can be scammed and left with nothing. You could lose your life savings. What can pension savers do to keep themselves and their funds safe?

Scammers from the upside down coming after students

For students heading to university, it’s an exciting time, full of promise. But emerging from the Upside Down, waiting in the wings, scammers are looking to exploit the period of change by targeting students’ money through a wide variety of scams. So what should students look out for and how can they protect themselves?

Leaving a digital trail

Not all browsers are created equal when it comes to security of your personal data. Some of the most popular browsers in the world are being exposed for collecting and selling user data or lacking adequate security measures.

Men behaving badly

We did some research among 2000+ adults across the UK and found that whilst most of us know to think twice when it comes to sharing information online, men are sometimes over-confident, under-cautious, and demonstrate riskier online behaviour than women when it comes to protecting their and their family's data.

WWW Day: Celebration! and a little caution

We all use the World Wide Web every day, whether it’s to send an email, order a delivery, play a game or do your banking. It’s ubiquitous and has become as much of an essential service to modern life as electricity or running water. The Web allows us to open up amazing levels of communication all over the world, to reconnect with people we haven't seen in decades. But, it also enables criminals to target us, for sinister actors to manipulate elections and divide societies.

Caring for your data