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We help you stop third parties selling your contact information to other companies.

Minimise the amount of digital junk mail you receive today.

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  • 5/10

    of British adults feel either anxious or concerned about how their data is collected (Which?, 2018)

  • 45%

    of all email traffic was spam in March 2021 (Statista, 2021)

  • 8/10

    people are worried about the amount of their data being collected (Deltapoll, 2021)

How it works

  • SJM - How it works - Select

    Select companies

    Easily choose which companies you want to ask to stop processing your data to reduce unwanted messages.

  • SJM - How it works - Send

    Send your request

    Send your request to as many companies as you need in one go.

  • SJM - How it works - Next

    What happens next

    Most companies should confirm that they will no longer process your data within one calendar month, reducing your spam.

Why should I stop third parties selling my data?

Third parties collect and add your contact details to large marketing lists, which they then sell on.

Often, they also collect other types of data, like:

  • Name, address and contact details
  • Family information
  • Health data
  • Income data
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    Stop junk marketing

    Stop receiving unwanted emails, texts, calls and post from companies that you don’t have any relationship with.

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    Get to the root of the problem

    By stopping third parties sharing your contact details, thousands of companies can no longer buy them.

  • shield

    Stay on top of your digital footprint

    Regularly delete your data with companies to ensure you're in control.

  • shield

    Reduce scams

    Minimising the amount of your data online makes it much harder for scammers to find.

We've got your back

The Rightly guarantee

We offer all of our users our guarantee to get your voice heard. If a company isn't responding, let us know and we'll follow it up for you.

If there's still no answer, we'll escalate this to the ICO for free.

Your questions answered

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Why should I use Rightly to send a request?

Nowadays, we all feed the world’s data engines with massive amounts of information about ourselves. We speak our minds and share our feelings with a watching, thirsty, inquisitive world.

We’re becoming a society of record, such that the documentation of our digital lives is increasingly accessible, but awareness and genuine control of all your data is missing.

Through Rightly, you can stop companies selling your information, protecting your identity and finances. Better still, Rightly is the only platform that lets you do this for free: no hidden costs, subscriptions, or data sharing.

We are registered with the ICO, meaning we follow the strictest data regulations. We are also ISO certified, the highest standard for data security.

Your rights

Get to know them

You have a range of powerful legal rights under GDPR. GDPR is a set of laws that empowers you to find out what companies know about you and what they’re doing with that information. It also enables you to tell almost any company to correct or delete your data.

To learn more, check out our blog.

Top tips

How to limit what companies collect

  • Only allow functional cookies

  • Clean up your digital footprint regularly via Rightly

  • Use a VPN

Why we’re free

Our mission is to make managing your online personal data as easy as possible.

We’re privately funded by investors who share our values and data ethics.

We don’t sell any data and there are no adverts or hidden costs.

In the future, we may charge for the additional features and services that we develop.