Delete your personal data from women's health apps

Women’s health data can include intimate information that you may want to get deleted so that it can’t be sold to advertisers or others.

Even when apps and websites say they will take care of your data, they often still lose it, or it gets leaked or even sent to someone who shouldn’t have it, by mistake.

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Sometimes it’s actually stolen in a data breach. So, if you don’t want a company to have it any more, or they simply no longer need it, then use Rightly to get it deleted. If a company doesn’t have your data, they can’t lose it or have it stolen. With Rightly Protect you can delete your data from any women’s health site you’ve used it with, and even from any other company, in one go.

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Delete, don't unsubscribe

Unsubscribing doesn’t delete your data.

Even if you’ve hit ‘unsubscribe’ in an email, your personal info can still be exposed in a data theft and could fall into the hands of criminals, because unsubscribing from emails doesn’t delete your data.

Be in control of your data

Rightly Protect is quick and easy

  • find 100s of companies that hold your data in a minute

  • send a deletion request with a click of a button

  • delete your account with us anytime

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    We help you find companies that shouldn't have your data

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    Easily choose which companies should delete your data

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    We make it easy to tell them to delete it using your GDPR rights

Our privacy promise

You can delete your Rightly account at any time.

We know there’s an irony to creating an account with Rightly, just at the moment we’re helping you delete your data from lots of companies. But as Champions of Data, we make it easy for you to delete your Rightly account too.

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Women’s health apps collect a wide range of intimate personal data. The data can include:

  • Name, address, gender, date of birth, place of residence
  • Cookies and IP address
  • Menstrual activity and cycle dates
  • Mood changes at different stages of your ovulation cycle
  • Sexual activity and sexual health
  • Fertility and pregnancy plans
  • Sexual orientation
  • Cervical mucus quality
  • Contraceptive history
  • Sleep activity
  • Health diagnoses and medications
  • Details of partners and children
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Fitness level and heart rate

Sometimes, it’s helpful to have your data shared. But not without your consent. What happens to your data and who it's shared with often isn't made clear, and in particular, that it gets sold on and used to better target you with advertising.

Understandably, many people find this extremely invasive. Who you share your personal information with should be up to you.

Why should I delete the data held by women’s health apps?

The data that apps and websites store is private and often highly personal. It could include not just your name, but also your address, phone numbers, sexual orientation, sexual health and so on.

In a data breach, or if a company sells your data, it can fall into the wrong hands and be used in a scam against you.

What happens to your data should be up to you.

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      Data Collection

      Collecting all this personal data might help the app or website find whatever it is you’re looking for. But when you’re done with your health app, the data you leave behind puts you at risk.

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      Data loss

      As well as many apps and websites selling this information to third parties, the health industry also has a long history of data breaches. Don't get stung by a data theft.

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      Protect yourself

      The easiest way to stop health apps using your personal data is to use Rightly Protect to send a deletion request. We'll connect you to as many companies as you need and request erasure of your personal data, in one go. And for free.

    You can read more about data and women’s health apps in our blog here.

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