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Get evidence to appeal a parking ticket today. It's fast and completely free.

Send a subject access request to your local authority or private company today. Use your evidence to increase your chances of a successful appeal.

Why should I get evidence to appeal a parking ticket?

You should gather evidence if you think that a parking ticket you received in the UK is unfair, and use it to prove that you don't have to pay the fine.

If you send a subject access request to the local authority or private company that issued the parking ticket, they have to give you the full grounds for deciding to give you a ticket.

This is because you're entitled to all of the personal data that any organisation has stored about you. You can then use this information to point out mistakes made in the decision, and increase your chances of a successful appeal.

What's that?

A Subject Access Request, or ‘SAR’ is a written request that you send to a company asking to see your personal data.

What information will I get back?

Within 30 days, you'll receive:

  • all of the information the ticket issuer has stored about you
  • the reasoning for their decision to give you a ticket
  • their evidence, like CCTV footage or other documentation
  • the likely strength of their case

You can send a request to your local council if the ticket was public, or the private company who issued it. You should be able to see this on your ticket.

How do I send a subject access request?

The easiest way to send a subject access request is through Rightly.


  • Use the search bar at the top of this page to find the council or company
  • Enter your basic details so that they can identify you
  • Check your email to send your request

You can then use the evidence they send back to strengthen your appeal and get your ticket repealed.

Note: a subject request on its own does not count as an appeal. You should make sure that you make a formal appeal before the deadline of 28 days, even if your response doesn't come in time.

How long until they respond to my request?

After the council or company has received your request, they have to reply in full within 30 days, or give a valid reason for asking for an extension. If this happens, our support team is here to help.

What if they don't respond to my request?

Don't worry, they have to respond by law. This is because the information that went into the decision to give you a parking ticket counts as your personal data, and you can ask any organisation if they have your personal data.

They have to tell you what they have, as well as how and why they are using it. This is thanks to your ‘right of access’ under GDPR law. GDPR applies in the UK and EU.

How do I use my evidence to appeal?

Once you've got your evidence, the first thing to do is to follow the instructions on the parking ticket, which will normally tell you how to begin your appeal online.

To do this you'll need:

  • Your PCN number (this should be on the ticket and on any relevant mail the council has sent you)
  • Your vehicle registration
  • Reasons why you think you should not have been given a ticket

With tickets time is of the essence. Most will give you a 14 day window to pay your fine or appeal. If you choose to appeal, you should hear back in 28 days. If they reject your appeal, you want to be prepared with all of the information they have about the incident, so that you can appeal again.

By this time, the results of your subject access request should mean that you can appeal again from a much stronger position.

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