We have two services to help manage your personal data. With Rightly Save you can better manage your insurance policies and not get caught out by the loyalty penalty. With Rightly Protect you can find out who has your data and get it deleted from any organisation you choose to.

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Rightly Save is our new service that helps you make the most of your personal data by pulling together all your insurance policies into one place, and help you set up renewal reminders so you never miss another chance to shop around for a better deal. You have a legal right to instruct a company to share your data with another organisation if that’s what you want to do. Rightly Save helps you use those rights.

With Rightly Protect, you can find out who has your data and ask for it to be completely erased if that’s what you want. One of the problems with companies having so much of your personal data is that they’re being hacked all the time by people who want to steal it. When they do that, hackers build a profile of you, especially if they can get different bits of personal data from different sources. That makes you more vulnerable to being targeted by scammers and even complete identity theft. If a company doesn’t have your data, it can’t be stolen from them.

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