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We’ve made two products to help manage your personal data. You can get your personal data deleted from companies that no longer need it, and you can instruct data brokers to stop processing or sharing any of your personal information.

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One of the problems with companies having so much of your personal data is that they’re being hacked all the time by people who want to steal it. When they do that, hackers build a profile of you, especially if they can get different bits of personal data from different sources. That makes you more vulnerable to being targeted by scammers and even complete identity theft.

Your personal data gets sold by some companies and it lands in the hands of ‘data brokers’ who are all too willing to sell it to anyone who wants it. But you can stop them processing your data and so prevent them from sharing it. Rightly can help you stop third parties selling your contact information to other companies and so reduce the amount of junk post, junk email and unwanted calls you receive.

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